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Routine Maintenance

Qualified to Perform Warranty Required Maintenance

The law states that the required maintenance for your vehicle does NOT have to be performed at the dealership. This means you don’t have to endure the dealerships for your under-warranty maintenance. Instead, you can enjoy a more pleasurable experience here at our workshop.

Centennial Park Automotive is an alternative to the main auto dealerships for many reasons. This page highlights some of the reasons many of our customers have switched to us from automotive dealerships for their auto repairs and New Car Warranty maintenance.

Manufacturer Specified Parts and Fluids

The parts we use to repair and maintain your vehicle are the same quality or better than what the manufacturer recommends. We also use original equipment (OEM) parts when that it is specified. That means we use the same kind of parts and fluids that you would get at the dealership.

To us You Are Not Just a Number

Many people that come to us the first time find it refreshing. We actually take the time to talk with you to learn more about your car, driving habits and concerns about your car.

We Are a Smaller, More Personal Auto Repair Shop

Because we are a smaller auto repair shop, we really get to know our customers. This makes your entire transaction with us more friendly, less stressful and certainly more enjoyable. Once we get to know your cars, we know what it takes to make sure it gives you the peace of mind that you require.

Equally, or Better Qualified Technicians

At Centennial Park Automotive we have technicians with over 25 years experience in the industry, we have what it take to perform your service. Because we are a small business you know the technician that services your vehicle.

At the dealership, you don’t know the technician that’s working on your car and in most cases, they don’t have the high level of training that our technicians have. We have Technicians with great auto repair experience and equipment to service your car right the first time.

Same Resources as the Dealerships

We have access to most of the same research and vehicle information resources as the dealerships. We research any recalls, any service bulletins and other important information. This helps us perform the highest level of service for your particular vehicle.