Steering & Suspension

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Steering & Suspension Repairs

Your suspension enables you to handle your vehicle comfortably and safely. Without good suspension your vehicle would bounce and jerk from every bump in the road.

Steering & Suspension Inspection & Why this is important

If you are having steering or suspension problems or if you hear unusual noises when driving over bumps or dips in the road, see us for a comprehensive steering and suspension inspection.

What’s included

  • A road test to determine system performance
  • Inspection of steering and suspension system
  • Evaluation report with technician’s recommendations
  • An estimate for the repair or replacement parts of parts

Our Suspension Services Include

Suspension Replacement

The entire suspension / strut assembly is replaced, including new springs, shocks, and struts. Recommended for heavily damaged systems.

Shock Replacement

Only the shocks will be replaced. This could result from leaky valves, which allows the fluid to flow past the shock’s piston.

Strut Replacement

Struts are complete suspension assemblies that loses its natural tension properties as they fail. It is important to check them if the vehicle rattles and shakes after hitting bumps in the road.

Conventional Suspension System

Front: The wheel is attached to a spindle, which in turn is connected to upper and lower control arms through upper and lower ball joints. The vehicle’s coil spring works against one of the control arms to support the weight of the vehicle, and the shock absorber keeps the spring from continuing to bounce.

Rear: All rear suspension systems are designed to keep the rear axle and wheels in their proper position (always tracking exactly straight ahead). The rear suspension axle allows each of the rear wheels to move up and down somewhat independently from the frame.

The spring assembly must also absorb a large amount of rear end torque from acceleration (on rear drive vehicles), side thrust from turning and road shock from bumps.

Need help with shocks or struts problem?

We provide the best shocks and struts repair service and replacement of any auto repair shop in our area. We provide free estimates, diagnostics and have the best mechanics in the area who will repair or replace broken parts, strange sounds, leaking fluid.

McPherson Strut Suspension System

Unlike other suspension designs, in McPherson strut suspension; the telescopic shock absorber also serves as a link to control the position of the wheel. Therefore it saves the upper control arm. Since the strut is vertically positioned, the whole suspension is very compact.

For front-wheel drive cars, whose engine and transmission are all located inside the front compartment, they need front suspensions which take-up very little width of the car. McPherson strut suspension is the most suitable one..